OPP Plastic Bags with Adhesive Standard Quality

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OPP Plastic Bags with Adhesive Standard Quality

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Our OPP PLASTIC BAGS WITH ADHESIVE stands out for the material’s superior clarity. Bag comes with a self-adhesive tape that will surely make packing more convenient for you. 

This is absolutely a great option for packaging accessories, baked goods, clothing apparel, masks, and souvenirs and giveaways, as the crystal clear transparency will be able to showcase your products more visibly.

Available in packs of 100pcs . We have various sizes available from the smallest 2.25 x 4 + 1 to 12 x 18 + 1. All measurements are in WIDTH x HEIGHT + FLAP in INCHES.

Send us a message for bulk discounts for orders above 5,000pcs.

IMPORTANT: Prices are VAT EXCLUSIVE and may change without prior notice.